Weaving is the most time consuming part in production of a handmade rug, yet not the end of it. Shaving, Stretching, binding, fringes, burning and washing are the next main steps to take, before the final inspection.

After weaving is complete, the pile is almost 2 inches thick and is hard to recognize the design by just looking at the front of the rug. It is now time to shave the rug. Upon shaving we can clearly see the color combination and design. However in some cities such as Tabriz or Kashan the weaver using a special designed scissors shaves after each line is complete.

The next step is stretching and straightening and binding the rug if not done during weaving process.

Fringes come after and now the rug is technically complete. Now the back of the rug should be burnt to make it smooth and even. The final step would be to wash the rug in order to get all the extra dye and material out and the outcome is a much softer rug.








The term “Tea or Herbal Wash” is applied if the tea and/or herbs are used in the washing process.