Layout and Pattern

Layout and Pattern

Layout in a rug means the arrangement of all motifs and or objects woven in it. Motif is a form or a related forms making part of the design. Rugs may be distinguished through three main layouts of All-Over, Medallion and One-Sided:
• All-Over : All-Over doesn’t have central or even dominant design and the motifs spread throughout the rug. Most likely the motifs are repeated and sometimes they are separate and sometimes connected.
• Medallion : This layout includes a centerpiece called medallion that is the focal point of the design. By far it is the most frequently encountered layout woven. The medallion might be oval, circular, diamond, octagonal, hexagonal, and stars.
• One-Sided : One-Sided or one-directional is a design woven in one direction and therefore the rug can properly be viewed from one side. Prayer rug (Mihrab) and Pictorial rug fall into this category.



Pattern is one of the most helpful elements in narrowing down rug selection. We could define pattern as the way lines are used to form shapes on a rug.

Pattern is divided into three categories of Curvilinear, Geometric, and Pictorial. The first two refer to rugs with conventional motifs that are woven with curving lines (curvilinear) or straight lines (geometric). Pictorial refers to rugs which portray people and/or animals. Also, we might even find a rug that consists of both curving and straight lines; we categorize such a rug according to the most dominant type of lines used in creating its design.